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Server changes

  • CHRISTMAS EVENT IS HERE!! There are piles of snow around Edgeville, collect snowballs and presents! You have a 1:20 chance of getting a present from getting snowballs!
  • Added stats to 2h of the Nexus, and banned it from pvp
  • Maximum droprate for players under $150 “amount donated” is 70%
  • Maximum droprate for players over $149 “amount donated” is 85%
  • Players that donate $1 - $249 will get 2x xp, $250 - $499 will get 3x xp, $500 - $999 will get 4x xp, $1000+ will get 5x xp (if you have donated $ you will not be grandfathered in unless requested)
  • Greatly reduced boss max hits within the Inferno, it’s now functional. Gamble your inferno cape on the inferno boss for a chance at the pet. Complete the Inferno for an Infernal Cape, and a 1/5 chance at a Neon Infernal Cape or 20 Trading sticks.
  • Added Platinum tokens, mystery boxes, overloads, dragon arrows, and uncut diamonds/dragonstone/onyx to barrows drop table. It’s also extremely easy to complete now.
  • Seed pack reward from Pest control will give 50 Mithril Seeds. Increased all EXP rewards, to increase prestiging.
  • Dagannoth Kings, Kalphite King, and Nightmare added to Instance Manager
  • Moved pest control lobby to edgeville, it’s now in the southern building with the altar
  • Added AutoElemental boss North of ZMI mage in level 10 Wilderness. He drops an assortment of weaponry + a new Chaotic armour set.
  • Infernal Control is a new skilling minigame, within the area any skill leveled will grant extra rewards such as boxes and points. Runite mined will have 1/250 chance to give an infernal mystery box. There is a new mineral to mine, Tokkul.The Furnace there will have a 1/250 chance to give a box as well. There are also a few NPC’s to fight if you do not feel like skilling. These Tzhaar npcs will drop Obsidian armour, Tokkull, gems, sharks, and rarely infernal mystery box 1/1024
  • Players using the pet obtained from ents, Dar’wain, will have a 1:5 chance at spawning an infernal ent upon killing an ent
  • Made all wilderness npcs non-aggressive
  • Removed stat requirements for zaros spirit shield
  • Removed the turduckens


Bug fixes


  • Fixed QBD, nex, and blood nex damage
  • Fixed bob’s platinum shop, you will now get all the platinum tokens for each item you sell
  • Fixed an issue where claiming your donation wouldn’t update your rank
  • Fixed a few helmets not showing your head and/or beard
  • Fixed ctrl + click tele and ::tele command
  • Fixed the very bright gray mod title color
  • Fixed size of revenant hellhound
  • Fixed price of smouldering stone in donator store
  • Fixed many special attacks damage/abilities
  • Fixed all the ugly primal wear models
  • Fixed a lot of armour/weapon prices/kept on death
  • Fixed where kalphite king was safespotable
  • Changed ::snow to activate snow falling, it’s off by default
  • Added a limit of 100 to the “open-all” options on boxes
  • Fixed the direction the furnace at skiller’s cove is facing
  • Greatly reduced the max hit of ascension crossbow