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Server updates


  • Added ::LZ for Legendary and Uber donators, this is basically a second home, there’s all sorts of skilling including fishing, cooking, farming, mining, afk mining (including a brand new rock), woodcutting, afk woodcutting, and the best agility course. There’s also an exclusive bossing dungeon!
  • Treasure Hunter is here!! Grab your keys daily from voting! :) You also now receive keys anytime you claim a donation!
  • Added ::updates
  • Added Gambler’s scroll to donor store
  • You will now get boss points from killing Kalphite King and Nightmare
  • Added spin scrolls (1x and 5x), they are a random drop from all bosses
  • Added 1-3 trading sticks to vote mbox
  • Removed the “(easy)” from thieving mystery box, increased the amount of boxes you get per stall, also made them stackable
  • New med-level training grounds west of home, located at the monastery are now Ankou’s to kill with boosted drop table + the flowers act as a new flax field and have a 1:500 chance to reward 5 mithril seeds. A spinning wheel has also been placed at the monastery.
  • Gypsy Aris(RFD) is located in between the monastery and home, near wildy ditch.
  • Updated Skilling achievement rewards to be more relevant always 1m+ for completing an achievement + you can now quickly view it through the unused minigames tab in the quest tab, next to the diarys tab.
  • Added Infernal Tokhaar-kal cape to inferno gambling cape rewards.
  • Karuulum Dungeon (Alchemical hydra, Hydras, Wyrm, Drakes) entrance is east of slayer masters.
  • Removed cerberus task requirements.
  • Loot Pool has now been changed to a daily pool, happening every 12 hours with increased rewards.
  • Greatly reduced skeletal mystic’s accuracy, and defense, slightly reduced hp too


Bug fixes


  • Fixed various Player Owned Shops bugs
  • Fixed a bug with smithing+anvil at home has been fixed.
  • Fixed the name of dark crab fishing spot
  • Fixed RFD chest shop not showing up
  • Autoelemental will now announce drops
  • Fixed drake’s and hydra’s max hit
  • Bonecrusher necklace is now wearable
  • POSSIBLY fixed monster stacking in raids
  • Removed the godwars doors cache sided, so you can now enter freely, no kc needed
  • Fixed treasure hunter interface box being to big


Bugs we are aware of


  • Treasure hunter doesn’t spin, doesn’t notify you of your rewards, and announce rare rewards
Changelog 15.0 - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 14:44:44 +0000Read more!