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  • INTRODUCING A BETTER GROUP BOSSING SYSTEM FOR HARDER BOSSES!!!!          Vorago and Harambe will be the first two iterations of this! You will now get custom raid points for doing a certain amount of damage to the bosses in their locations before they die. With these custom raids points, there will be a chest at home near Nyon, where you can click on it and claim your reward for helping participate in these bosses. For Vorago, you will get 1 point for dealing at least 100 damage, and for Harambe, you will get 3 points for dealing at least 500 damage. This is meant to be good for low and high geared players, meaning you can always get better loot from the chests. With this, I also removed the drops and boss points from them.
  • Added a random typing event (example: Type ::A^gea#$AGR for X item), this can give really good rewards for doing so
  • Drop rates changed for donators and Ironmen. +5 (10$) Contributor, +7 Sponsor rank, + 10 Supporter, +14 (300$) Donator, +18 (500$)Super Donator, +20 (1000$)Extreme Donator, +24 ($2500)Legendary, +26 ($5000)Uber donator. +10 to all ironmen(no trading), +25 ultimate ironmen(no banking), +35 hardcore ironmen(osrs exp rates, ult ironman), +15 Extreme mode (osrs exp rates)
  • Added an afk essence mine to ::sz mining dungeon, this is slightly slower than the one at ::lz, also re-added rune, addy, and mithril ores in the dungeon
  • Added a teleport to Edgeville dungeon in the teleporter
  • Removed the spam from consuming unsired
  • Increased the chance of getting pet from ::LZ rooftop agility to 1:2000
  • Replaced some items in the newly made crystals with better items
  • Increased the chance of upgrading MVP staff and Twisted Magma bow from 1:20 to 1:5, increased the chance of upgrading T2 items from 1:5 to 2:5, increased chance of upgrading T3 items from 1:10 to 3:10, increased the chance of upgrading infernal scythe and infernal twisted bow from 1:40 and 1:10 to 1:4 on both, and removed the trading stick requirement
  • Decreased the chance of getting infernal mystery box from monsters in the wilderness from 1:100 to 1:300, ultra mystery box rate has not been changed and is still 1:50
  • Added bottomless prayer and super combat potions, only obtained via in game donator store
  • Added the Blood brutal whip, and the Amulet of nightmares, both are only obtained as a legendary drop from the custom raids chest
  • Removed $10 and $50 scroll from raids rare drop table
  • You can now make Super overloads by combining 3 Overload (4) with 1 Hydra leather
  • You can now exchange your Ancient emblems, totems, and statuettes for boss points
  • Added Tekton, Sorcerer’s, and Vorkath armours to Bob’s platinum token shop
  • You will now know the reason you get permanently jailed, or muted for any duration
  • Greatly decreased Harlakk and Tokash HP
  • Pest control timer has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds


Bug fixes


  • Fixed gem rock mining
  • Fixed Yoinks and Devil’s login messages
  • Dragon crossbow is now wearable and works as a crossbow
  • Fixed getting 0x items from thieving boxes, you will now get at least 1, and removed the chance of getting max capes from them
  • Hardcore ironman accounts can now talk to Adam and get their Hardcore ironman armour back
  • Necklace of anguish (or) now has proper ranged strength
  • You can now sell all items that are in Bob’s platinum shop
  • Fixed some boss aggression
  • Collector’s necklace has been fixed, it will NOT give you dwarf remains for certain items
  • Core server improvement, less lag upon opening bank and wearing items
  • Items dropped by players/NPC’s are shown to the player ONLY for 70 seconds, after which it is shown to ALL players for another 70 seconds, before disappearing. 
  • Added a bigger space in between the client border and the “To” and “From,” and the logged in and out messages in split chat
  • Fixed an error when creating the Divine spirit shield
  • You can now spam click your mystery boxes without losing the item/box
  • Fixed a dupe with spins
  • Items kept on death are now sent to your inventory as opposed to your bank
Changelog 16.0 - Sun, 15 Dec 2019 06:14:48 +0000Read more!Changelog 15.0 - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 14:44:44 +0000Read more!